Monday, July 11, 2005

Hello Sunshine

Went to see the Super Furry Animals at Somerset House with Bayton on Friday night. I'm not going to write a full review (I'll leave that sort of thing to Steph).... but for anyone that is interested here are some thoughts on the gig....

- The pre gig entertainment was provided by a live illustrator drawing images of the group, and handy notes that the band were "on their way".
- The band did not wear furry animal outfits, instead luminous hooded jump suits
- They played lots of new stuff.... it was all good
- They played some old classics..... it was excellent
- They ended the gig with a video clip of all the good chaps in the band, which went on to individually thank all the crew, everyone involved, and most importantly "You....the good people of London Town"
- They then played "The man don't give a fuck" which they expertly blended into a live remix of said track, which then morphed into a great dance toon!

All in all v. entertaining and in a wonderful venue (see picture which I took from my helicopter!) Go see them if you can.


At 6:58 pm, Blogger Mike Owens said...

Ooooooooo.. Hark @ Kenz and his additions to the blog.. Nice job Sir.


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