Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Album of the week - Upwards

Ty - Upwards

1. Ha Ha
2. Mpho’s Lament (Skit)
3. Wait A Minute
4. I Want 2
5. Awkward Boy Skit
6. Oh U Want More?
7. Rain
8. The Willing
9. Look 4 Me
10. Groovement Pt1
11. Dreams
12. Hot Spice
13. Music 2 Fly 2


At 11:08 am, Anonymous Kenz said...

A great album indeed.... One other you may like, if you enjoy this is the new album by Common "Be", I will bring it next time I'm up.

At 11:57 am, Blogger Mike Owens said...

Sounds good.. do bring it with you.
By the way, have you listened to the Edan album yet.. it takes a few listens but is well worth it

At 11:00 pm, Blogger Chris B said...

me is curious about da TY - giveami some o da tunes

At 9:20 pm, Anonymous boy sam said...

je suis well out of date with whatever you lot are listening to by the looks of it. Chris B'll be glad to know that we saw Plantlife, supporting Giles Peterson recently and they were pretty damn hot.

At 7:59 am, Blogger Mike Owens said...

Sam.. you may like TY, not sure, it's hip-hop but with a real groove and soul, no guns, bling and bitches here.. Rap as it was supposed to be!


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